Water sports for young people's physical activity
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Getxo Kirolak

The mission of Getxo Kirolak is to enable the practice of sport, leisure and health activities to the citizens of Getxo; in the same way, it takes care of the municipal sport facilities (Fadura, Gobela and Andra Mari) and meets the needs of sporting nature of clubs, cultural, educational and labour entities of the municipality.

The main activities and experience in the areas relveant to the WoW project are:

  • Getxo Kirolak organizes the offer for season and summer sport classes (more than 350 courses), the offer for school sports (Multikirolak) and school swimming;
  • Associations and sport clubs. Apart form the sport schools and the professional sport activity, in collaboration with Getxo Kirolak, the clubs organize the offer for sport campus in the summer;
  • The professional sport Getxotarra is represented by more than 60 clubs which have more than 200 teams of different categories. It is a very important and active local associative network, with which Getxo Kirolak works in order to stimulate and revitalize the sport practice in the municipality.

It is worth mentioning this detail that in 2015 there were performed more than 2.600 competitions in our sports centres and in which took part approximately 50.000 people. It should also be pointed out the collaboration of the clubs and sport associations with Getxo Kirolak and with the remaining municipal departments where the initiatives of general interest are started: equality policies, organization of campus, school sport support, etc.