Water sports for young people's physical activity
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Municipality of Pesaro

Municipality Of Pesaro

Pesaro is a municipality with more than 94.000 inhabitants. The Municipality of Pesaro is in charge for local sport policies and, moreover, it has the responsibility for improving the physical and mental health of its coumminity through physical activity. Within the Municipality organizational structure (which counts above 650 people) there is the Sport Office involved in the promotion of sport aspects. It cooperates with local organizations to create and host events, it promotes sport tourism trough international events (Coppa Davis, International Competition of rhythmic gymnastics,…) and invests in sport dedicated infrastructures. The development of sports in the City of Pesaro has had a steady growth trend over the years so that we can speak now of real sporty vocation of the city. A particular inclination not only towards competitive sport but also to a widespread sport practice aimed to wellness and health. The importance of sport in the education and training process of young people, in the prevention to social problems, in health care and now also in tourism development and employment, is another fact now undeniable. The Municipality of Pesaro has always been so aware that his policy, especially in recent years, it is mainly addressed to buildings and facilities needed to carry out sports activities: new construction, renovations and adjustments to regulations, improvement of equipment. Currently the City has a substantial wealth of facilities and is equipped with sports facilities, spread throughout the territory, new or restructured and diversified by type, a fact which is the primary and essential condition for the performance of any sport. Through these structures it is possible
to set and play a sports policy for the city that also takes account of new and different needs and priorities. Nevertheless there is still a need to develop a more incisive and rich sport activity that is not only addressed to the outcome of sports, but that responds to diversified educational, learning and social needs.
This have to be done through an overall shared development policy that identify important goals for the City and also through specific interventions such as assisted rates, or equal to the operating costs, the use of the facilities with different timing or direct agreements for the management of certain facilities or structures not economically significant, under current regulations.
The City has identified some main lines of actions that define its institutional activities:
• Promotion and improvement of mental and physical activities and sports through the support of physical education programs included in the educational process of the school;
• Development of sport as a spread social service devote to young people and their introduction to a sport, but also to the discomfort, disability, the elderly, the inclusion in the social fabric of the city of migrants;
• Development of sport in general directed to the health and wellbeing of citizens. Sport for all (free and spontaneous user groups);
• Development of sport as an opportunity for economic development and employment; sport-tourism plot (events, initiatives, etc.).
• Supporting competitive sports activity of the companies belonging to the national sports system (Coni, federations, etc.).
• Maintenance, improvement and effectively and economic management of the structures, systems and equipment;
• Optimal use of facilities and structures
In March 2016 the Municipality submitted the application form to join the Network of European Cities of Sports promoted by Aces Europe Association. This is the reason why the Municipality pursues such objectives within its institutional mandate and launched this initiative toward the submission of WoW project.
As a result of the huge importance accorded to sport and physical activity by the local administration, Pesaro has 191 sport facilities, 39 sport events planned for 2016, 394 sport associations/clubs and it is a candidate as European City of Sport 2017. The Municipality has also a long experience in EU projects that provides WoW with skilled human resources able to assure the successful implementation of the project. Some important synergies could also arise both from other projects on sport, such SPES - SPort Energetically Sustainable submitted to the Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) call 2016 as for the improvement of the energy performance of sport facilities, and projects on tourism, transports and welfare as those submitted to the MED 2014 -2020 call or supported by local regional authority in order to develop a multifunctional model where sport is part of the sustainable development model. This approach is also mirrored in the WoW rationale which is based on local public – private partnerships and participatory processes for involving different actors, not only in the sport field, and take advantage of their specific know-how and expertise.

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