Water sports for young people's physical activity
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Preliminary Activities

The preliminary activities organized aim to:

  • map the local sport ecosystems
  • set up the socalled Local Interest Commitee (LIC), a group of local sport actors, which are later instituzionalized thanks to the signature of specific agreements
  • adopt a Memorandum of Understanding for the WoW common strategy implementation in the long term.

Mapping of local sport ecosystem

Methodologies and instruments for mapping the 5 local ecosystem are defined through the identification of all actors dealing with sport education and promotion: local authorities, schools, informal educators, water sport organizations, other organisations representing Civil Society, sport and education psychologists, communication operators, enterprises in water sports.

For each actor identified, key experiences and expertise are related in order to set up a database of all policies, projects and activities carried out in the field together with the results achieved. A common template for the data collection is developed and used for the mapping which is carried out through interviews and web/literature research. All partners follow a common workplan in order to run the mapping activity in close coordination. Once the mapping is finalized, all data are resumed and shared among the PPs thanks to a common online database for a cross checking and first evaluation.

Download the questionnaires submitted to kids, sport clubs, coaches and schools.

Organization of Local Interest Committees (LICs)

According to the project, each partner selects the main local actors consistent with project aims among the ones entered in the database. Such actors are included in the socalled Local Interest Commitee (LIC). The LIC was made of both public and private stakeholders and it was engaged in the definition and implementation of the common strategies for the sport education at local level though a participative approach.

Learn more about the LIC procedures guidelines for the committee management.

Learn more about the following actors incuded in the LIC at local level:

MUNICIPALITY OF PESARO (IT): Capitaneria di Porto, Parco San Bartolo, CONI provinciale, IC ALIGHIERI PESAROIC GAUDIANO PESARO Club Nautico Pesaro, Società Canottieri Pesaro, Lega Navale Italiana, Circolo Velico Ardizio, Velocity made Good, Avventura, Ads SurfxPesaro, Sport Village Pesaro

GETXO KIROLAK (ES): PakeaRSCM , Getxo kayaka, Getxo Arraun, Raspas, Divertek,  Orza

SPORT NAUTIQUE DE NANCY (FR): Nancy Municipal Sports Office, Canoë-kayak club de Nancy-Tomblaine

YC “CAPT. G. GEORGIEV – PORT VARNA” (BG): MC “Friends of the Sea”, UVSK VVMU “Nikola Yonkov Vaptsarov”, USC “Orka”, SC “Sineva”, SC “Vatus Pro”, BUSF ,  USC “Medic”, MU, Go Get Sport Bulgaria”, SC “Bavaria Yachts”, LZ Yachting 1991, SC “Lazur”, Association Water Sports Club, CVP “Black Sea 1948”

A.D.E.L (SK): Veslarsky klub STU, Jacht Club ATU KESwimming Club Nemo, Board Academy, Sewas

Adoption of WoW common strategy through cooperation agreements

The adoption of WOW common strategy was carried on thanks to the strong cooperation among project management structures and LIC’s. In order to emphasize the strategy in a transnational perspective, the strategy was included in a common Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the adoption of the WoW common strategy signed by all partners during the Final Conference. Partners committed themselves to maintain LICs at local level also after project closure.