Water sports for young people's physical activity
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Sport for All Path

Signatures by young participants in the Sport for All Path 2018
Signatures by young participants in the Sport for All Path 2018

Encourage water sport sampling combined with having fun!

It is a multidisciplinary camp (sport and complementaryactivities) for young people of school age where the activities and methodologies included in the common strategy are tested according to a living lab approach.

A delegation of students and sport actors from the partner countries are invited to take part to the campus: a group of youngs with no experience in water sports are selected among scholars while another group of youngs is selected among water sports practitioners. Through experiential learning, the students make practice with water sports, such as sailing, rowing, canoeing, diving or get familiar with them.

As for the sport actors involved, a delegation composed by a sport manager, a sport coach and a school directors/headteacher is invited: coaches, supported by local ones, can implement the techniques identified for improving sport education and increasing physical activity among youngs according to a Job shadowing approach.

Learn more and download the Action Plan of the Sport for All Path campus.

The 1st camp took place in Getxo (20-25/08/2017). 28 kids practiced the following sports/activities: sailing, scuba diving / rowing-kayaking combined with cultural and extra sport activities.

The 2nd camp took place in Pesaro (20-27/08/2018). 48 kids practiced the following sports/activities:sailing (sailing activities on dinghies and collective boats) and scuba diving; remo (rowing activities, canoes and SUP);marine (marine activity aimed at getting to know the flora and the marine fauna); cultural and extra sport activities.